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Much ado about Harry...no, not Sullivan.

This post is rather belated as it's about how I spent Harry Potter night. I plan on doing catch up posts all week, in an effort to start posting more stuff like this. Encouragement would be lovely...if you're interested.

I work in a public library, and the head children's librarian decided we were obligated to throw a Harry Potter party the night of the 20th. Because I have no sense, I immediately volunteered to participate. (It's the same total lack of sense that makes me volunteer for our annual sleepover in November.)

She then started planning. Because she tends to obsess a little about this sort of thing, I had no clue what we were going to do until the last minute. No, I take that back. That Friday when I asked if there was anything I could pick up, as I was going to buy supplies for a tie dye workshop on Monday (fun, but uneventful), she asked me to see if I could find candy molds in the shape of frogs. I didn't, and she abandoned that idea.

The calm before the storm. I brought my Fourth Doctor scarf to work on, though I didn't think I'd get much done.

It started at 10:30. We signed up 20 kids (limited craft materials and limited supervision) and ended up with about 22ish. The head children's librarian planned activities as though it was the sleepover and we had 6 hours or so instead of 2 to fill. We got all the kids checked in and set them to doing some of the crafts (writing fortunes to be stuck in balloons, for someone else to pop, trying to come up with a Harry Potter A-Z and a few other things), until everyone had shown up.

They then moved to the YA room for some trivia games while I stayed in the front to watch for latecomers and knitted. ;)

Afterwards we started the video of HP and the Goblet of Fire in the YA room and some of the kids stayed back there to watch it, while others made wands out of wood, glitter and pipecleaners or pretzels and melted chocolate, made butterbeer, did some of the other crafts listed above, or investigated the Harry Potter websites.

We pretty much stood around, helping where needed (not that we were needed much).

At 12:00 we gathered the kids in the YA room and turned off the movie to do a raffle. We were going to read the first chapter, but they just wanted to get their hands on the books and go. So we raffled off two copies of the book, two HP and the Deathly Hallows bags which I'd got at Book Expo, a golden snitch, and the rights to be the first reader on our five express copies (as they wouldn't go to fill holds). Everyone was out by a quarter after or so, and we were cleaned up by one.

I snagged a coworker's copy as my own British edition wouldn't arrive till the next week and she wouldn't be coming to pick it up until Monday.

Went home, read for about an hour. Went to sleep. Woke up at 7am, as I had to be back at work at 9am, and read for another hour or so. Brought it to work and finished it just before we opened at 10am (and while I usually feel guilty about reading on library time, this was an exception). And then no one came in to report on it for our summer reading game, so I'd shorted myself on sleep for no good reason. :(
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