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I feel like a kid again. There are Trixie Belden books in various stages of completion scattered all over my apartment in various stages of completion. Mostly because I go to look up something for research and just start reading. :)

I haven't talked much about this year's tardis_bigbang fic, because I don't want to give too much away. I will say that the Trickster is the main villain (mostly because that's revealed in the first scene) and that it starts off just as his meddling kicks in, so it's essentially an AU story in the same way that Whatever Happened to Sarah Jane? is an AU story.

What else can I tease you with...

Fandoms: Trixie Belden, Sarah Jane Adventures, Doctor Who, The Sarah Jane Smith Audios, NCIS, Strange Days at Blake Holsey High

Setting: Washington, DC, present day (well AUish present day)

It's being strange to write. I make a minor decision and I keep figuring out repercussions that just work in the story.

There are other villains. If you know certain of the fandoms you will recognise them. Don't tell. ;)

I'm writing on the assumption that someone will read this fic and have no idea about four of the five fandoms. This requires more description and reaction. I need to figure out some way to describe people beyond hair and eye color. My attempts to describe skin color are not going well. Tall, short...sigh. This may be why I write fanfic in the first place. I can assume people know what the characters look like. :(

I'm having a lot of fun mixing the fandoms, figuring out who knows whom and why and in some cases when they met.

Someday I do have to write the story of Gibbs, Benny Summerfield and Sarah Jane Smith meeting up in Afghanistan. Once I figure out what happened.

I kept sending people down to Abby Sciuto's lab until she got irritated and threw them out.

The crack may make a guest appearance.

And now, if you will excuse me, I shall go back to reading The Mystery of the Missing Heiress which may or may not be relevant to the fic. ;)
Tags: bigbang, doctor who, fanfic, ncis, sja, strange days at blake holsey high, trixie belden

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