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Ashes to Ashes s3 e5/8

Yes, this is spoilery, not just for tonight's A2A but for Sapphire and Steel and the American version of Life on Mars too.

I've mostly been sitting back and waiting to see what the end game is, but there were two moments tonight that taken together might be significant (or maybe I'm reading too much into it). This is mostly so I don't forget.

1. Gene comparing himself and Alex to Sapphire and Steel. Gratuitous 80s reference perhaps, but it doesn't seem like something Gene would have watched.

2. Ray seeing that starfield. And either he or Chris saying something about them being astronauts. Possibly a snarky reference to the end of the American Life on Mars.


Sapphire and Steel's last tv episode ends with them trapped in a café, floating in space. Life on Mars US ends with Sam waking up to discover he's an astronaut and about to be the first man to set foot on Mars. In both cases we have isolated in space with a small group of people.

I don't really have a conclusion to go with this musing, but sometimes writing these things down helps me to work them out in my head and I know there are plenty of people on my flist who refused to watch LoM US on general principle. I doubt they'd copy the ending, but I could see them realising that a (possibly significant) plot point gave them an excuse for a snipe.
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