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Doctor Who at the Paley Center

I knew going into this week that I'd only be able to get away early to see one of the events. I didn't hear about the Apple Store event until much later, so the choice was between the Monday event at the Paley Center and the Wednesday event at the Cinema. I decided a ticket in the hand was the safest way to go (especially since leaving early didn't mean I'd get there in time to have a good chance of a ticket), so I went for the Monday event, where you could claim tickets in advance. (Later I would get an offer from a friend to hold my place on Wednesday, but given that when Wednesday came, they gave the tickets away at 5pm and I ended up working until 8pm, I don't think that would have worked.)

Now I've been sharing Doctor Who viewing with two friends of mine. One couldn't make it, but the other could, which worked out well, since I could only get two tickets.

Note that there is one spoilery bit for the first episode from the Q&A under the cut.

We headed up by train (she listened to music, so I started The Adventure of the Diogenes Damosel, a Benny audio, only realising later on that I think I skipped an audio AND that it's linked to the New Adventure The All-Consuming Fire which I bought on a whim at Gallifrey), and then walked to the theatre. I decided to take no chances and used Google Maps on my Pre to figure out the route.

When we got around 6pm there I spotted some of the DWNY crowd hanging around outside. We went in to pick up the tickets, and Steven Moffat was being interviewed and/or photographed by the press. The Paley Center was very strict on the no camera rule. My friend and I hung around outside until we heard that Karen Gillan had appeared, and then shifted in to the lobby with the rest of the crowd. My friend is a bit shy so we sort of lingered in the background. Matt Smith appeared shortly thereafter. I can now say that I stood about six feet from him. Though that is not as good a story as the photograph with Colin Baker or Gallifrey two years ago when Steven Moffat was nice enough to sign all of my Press Gang DVD even though there was a limit of two or three items and I had a conversation with Sylvester McCoy about cream cheese and didn't realise it was him until later or about staying in the room opposite Katy Manning last Gallifrey. :) samfeasor and electric_girl you can tell your story in the comments if you so choose.

Anyway, now that I've bored you with name dropping, back to the topic at hand. We were told to start heading into the theater (after they checked our bags, this being NYC). We sat towards the back on one side - some of the seats were being held (presumably for upper level donors and press). Once the room was full, someone from the Paley Center came in to announce the program. They had a slide with a twitter hashtag up, but I couldn't get a reliable signal, so I stopped tweeting around the time the show began.

This was the third time I'd seen The Eleventh Hour, so I knew what was coming, but it was still lovely to see it on the big screen with lots of other fans. I'm not going to comment on it here for fear of spoilers, but I will say that if you haven't seen it yet, you won't be disappointed.

Once the lights came up, we moved on to a Q&A with someone from Entertainment Weekly, whose name I've forgotten, but who proved his credibility by bringing along the Dalek voice changer helmet he got for his 40th? birthday.

He introduced Steven Moffat, Matt Smith and Karen Gillan (Amy Pond, new companion) and after a few quick setup questions, he asked for questions from the audience.

Most of the questions were in the form of "share DW credentials or lack thereof, say how great Matt and Karen were in the episode OR reference favourite Steven Moffat episode (all the episodes he wrote during the RTD era were namechecked), ask question" and most of the questions were the sort they've been asked a million times before and you can find the answer in any interview.

Interesting questions, probably not in the order they were asked (note that these may contain spoilers for the first episode as everyone had just watched it):

Newbie asks for a quick summary of the show. Big laugh from the audience. Steven Moffat asks if newbie remembers when Kennedy was shot, then gives the canned "madman running around in a blue box through time and space" answer.

SPOILER One of the DWNY members asked about the fish custard (after telling Steven Moffat that Paul Cornell said hi, and getting a snarky comment about twittering in return). That scene was based on the entrance of Tigger from Winnie-the-Pooh. And this whole paragraph will make no sense if you haven't seen the episode.

Someone actually asked about the whole "geronimo" thing and whether it was related to "geronimo"'s special meaning in Coupling. You could tell who had seen Coupling by the scattered hysterical laughter. Steven Moffat had this stunned expression and it was clear this hadn't occurred to him. He hurried to explain that he'd only put it in once, but Matt was the one who kept saying it.

Other notes: Karen Gillan is very tall. Matt Smith's hands do not stop moving.

There was a reception immediately following, but my friend wanted to head home, so I grabbed a cracker and we left. Later I found out that the three of them had come out to mingle, though as far as I can tell, the autographs and magnets were limited to the other two events this week.

Still, it was fun and I was glad I went. And it gave me an excuse to become a member of the Paley Center and I'm looking forward to attending other events there.
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