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Sometimes all it takes is a sock

I've been having one of those weeks. Nothing terrible happened, but nothing was really going right either and by this morning I was in a decided slump and just trying to hold on until the weekend.

This morning I decided to wear one of my thin broomstick skirts, mostly because I hadn't managed to do the laundry this week. The last time I wore this skirt must have been just before Thanksgiving. I can tell this because as I was leaving my bedroom I noticed a light blue something on the floor - one of the pair of Air Raid socks that I received during sock wars that are among the best socks I've ever owned. I washed the pair while my parents were here for Thanksgiving and when I went to pair up socks I noticed one was missing. I'm always reluctant to get rid of single socks, so the other one was sitting in the pile of stray socks on my dresser and for a moment I thought I'd just knocked it off when I'd picked out hairsticks.

When I realized it was the missing sock, my day brightened (despite the rain, cold, wind, computer problems at work, etc.).

Anyway, I hope you all find your missing socks. :)
Tags: happiness is a pair of socks

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