Evil Plotbunny (hhertzof) wrote,
Evil Plotbunny

Gallifrey Day -1

The flight managed to get out before the storm, but the weather was nasty, and the trip to the airport wasn't pleasant. Thankfully the only traffic I saw was by the drawbridge on the Hutch in the Bronx. Still, I ended up getting to the gate just as the flight started boarding.

I cast on for the gloves on the plane, and I'm really liking both the pattern and the yarn. I'm hoping I'll have enough left for a hat, but I suspect not. A headband, maybe. Luckily I was on an aisle and the middle seat was empty - I knit and listened to Benny 8.1 and 8.2 and DW: Survival of the Fittest for most of the trip, with a break for a meal, since I hadn't eaten breakfast (a little overpriced, but I could see getting what I chose again, if I hadn't eaten).

Got to the hotel and went looking for rude_not_ginger who I'd arranged to meet via twitter when I got off the plane. While I was on the shuttle, she started chatting with skywaterblue who is one of my roommates, so I didn't need to find her. We ended up sitting in the lobby chatting with a bunch of people from the RP comm and eventually samfeasor, wishing_willow and biichan showed up.

More chatting, this time with skywaterblue and biichan in our room before we did a trip to Trader Joe's for food, and in search of lunch.

Later was the RP meetup. I don't think I got everyone's name, and it was loud enough (and I was stuck in the middle of the table) that I was having a lot of comprehension/discretion issues - basically when that happens, the conversation becomes one big blur of sound, and I have to give up understanding anything. The bits of conversation I did participate in were fun though I didn't get everyone's name.

Afterwards we headed off to the hottub, where the conversation was a little easier to follow (it helped being out of the noisy lobby). We got kicked out at around 11:30pm and I headed off to bed, after being up 22 hours at that point.

I was up at 6:30am this morning. :( I'm taking advantage of the free wifi in the lobby, and I've already introduced rude_not_ginger to Barnaby from DWNY and the world didn't explode (they're both very sociable, talkative people, so I let them talk while I caught up on the world at large. Also, it hit me that this con is to me what DragonCon is to everyone else. I know enough people, that there's never a lack of people to hang out with, if I don't want to be alone. I've already seen several other people I know this morning.

I love the way the lobby becomes a place for socializing. Lots of computers in evidence, since there's free wifi down here, but not in the rooms. And I see someone crocheting a DW scarf. :)
Tags: gallifrey, where the friends are

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