Evil Plotbunny (hhertzof) wrote,
Evil Plotbunny

Gallifrey Redux

Off today, trying to kick a mild cold. After lunch I'll be doing laundry and packing. I work tomorrow and Wednesday and I have to be at the airport by 7am on Thursday.

I haven't had any luck with boots like SJA: Sarah Jane, so I'm just going to wear my black suede boots, and call that good enough.

My current plan is to check my backpack and take my pink messenger bag and a tote bag on the plane. I just need to pick out some books for the trip.

I'm taking these gloves to cast on and knit on the plane in this yarn which I got at Boskone. I did this at Boskone with some stash yarn and a hat pattern, and by Saturday afternoon, I had a hat to wear home, so I figure it's worth doing again. I'll also have the medallion square shawl, but I think I'll put that in the backpack and check it. It's not conducive to knitting in cramped quarters.

I'll be arriving on Thursday around lunchtime and my plane leaves Monday at 4pm. This puts me back in NYC at midnight, which was a better idea before we dropped Tuesday night hours.

I'm going to put up a separate post for contact information. I will be at rude_not_ginger's RP meetup on Thursday and it's not a large place, so I'm sure I'll bump into whomever is there this time. :)
Tags: gallifrey, knitwittery, travelling bun

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