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Ficathon season

I may have just signed up for A Ficathon Walks into a Bar because writing a crossover fic is just what I need if I want to get my numbers up for Remix. But it sounds like so much fun. And I'm doing Madeleine Wheeler because I've wanted to write more about her since Yuletide.

Other upcoming ficathons include a discussion at remixers_lounge about eligible fandoms this year. They're talking about splitting Doctor Who into New and Classic. I've finally uploaded most of my fic to Archive Of Our Own and in doing so established that I qualify for Classic, due to Three/Sarah smut and may qualify for New. I do not qualify for SJA, due to an overwhelming amount of SJS audio canon that has crept into my stories and a penchant for crossovers.

Author signups for Tardis_bigbang are also going on now. There is also a poll about length requirements and deadlines so do NOT take the ones listed in the post as given. The way the voting is given, it looks like it will be three months, 20,000 words, rather than 30,000.

Going back to AO3, I've added some of the prompts I wrote for my various RP pups and will be adding more, so you may find some new-to-you stuff there as I've been very selective about what I crossposted here. Eventually most of that will go up on Teaspoon as well, but at the moment, I'm trying to get all my fic in one place for Remix, and Teaspoon only has the Doctor Who stuff.

Expect another chapter of Closer to Fine tomorrow. I'd like to get it up before I start writing my next bigbang.
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