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Posting with the wrong Harry.

I haven't posted anything general in ages. So this is a rambly, nothing in particular post. NO HP SPOILERS, I PROMISE. And, I'd appreciate none in the comments.

Please note that I'm operating on 4 1/2 hours of sleep. We had a Harry Potter party at the library last night (I can't imagine why). It was fun, even if the head children's librarian treated it as if it were the November sleepover that we do, and planned as many activities as that even though the program was 2 hours instead of 12. While not all of the kids did all of the activities, all of the activities were done by at least a few kids, so it worked.

We gave away two copies of the book, a golden snitch and two HP and the Deathly Hallows bags I got at ALA. We also did a raffle to see who could borrow our 5 "Hogwarts Express" copies (7 days, no holds, no renewals). The other 5 copies I checked in after the kids had left and they are now on hold for whomever reserved them.

I borrowed one (with permission) that was on hold for a coworker and have now finished it, though I'm not ready to talk about it yet (fast reader, plus being wound up from the party).

I've got one picture I think is safe to post on this smut-filled journal, taken before the party. The rest will be posted early next week and can be found by googling the name of the town in which I live and library.

The shawl hates me. Really. I haven't made any progress in the last few days because I keep making mistakes in the pattern. At this point, I'll be happy with something I can wrap around my shoulders and pin. Long and flowing is not manageable in the week or so I have left. :(

I was so frustrated with it yesterday, that I worked exclusively on the Four scarf for the who_knits knitalong and have made progress. Pictures to come tonight.

I've added two more icons to the table, leaving me with a dozen left to do before the 26th. Where did the time go?

Tomorrow will be dedicated to knitting, icons and catching up on prompts. Next week will be all knitting and I'm driving down to DC on Friday for my cousin's wedding (the deadline for the shawl).
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