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Today has been eaten up by slowly copying fics from other places to AO3. In the process I've found: fics that are on Teaspoon that aren't on my LJ, fics that are on LJ that never made it to Teaspoon, and fics that never got posted to either place for one reason or another.

This does not include raiding my rp accounts for prompts that I want to archive, which in most cases never made it anywhere else.

Note that I'm doing this to see if I can qualify for Remix in any fandom this year, now that they've split Doctor Who into New and Classic and SJA and Torchwood and most of my fics ignore those boundaries.

So, given a desire to come up with non-crossover fics, what do I start on first? sarahnotlaura and the AU where Sarah was left on Caprica rather than in Aberdeen. *sighs*

I'm going to try to get another chapter of Closer to Fine up later. But for now, back to importing stuff to AO3.
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