Evil Plotbunny (hhertzof) wrote,
Evil Plotbunny

Boskone, day 1

Since I'm awful at doing these after the fact, have at least a partial con report now.

Long-term parking at my local train station was full, so I ended up driving to Stamford (where I switch from MetroNorth to Amtrak). More expensive, but also more convenient. The trains don't match up very well, and there's not much to do in the Stamford station while waiting on a connection.

Having recently bought a new winter coat without a hood, I suddenly decided yesterday morning that I needed a hat. So I grabbed a ball of yarn from my stash, downloaded a pattern off the internet and ran into the local yarn shop because I didn't have the right sized needles. It's already more than half done. When I finish, I have my shawl to work on, but I haven't done cables in a while, so that's fun.

The trip up was uneventful. I knit the hat and listened to Benny audios, now that I finally figured out where I am. I finished the sixth series this week, and listened to the first two of series 7 on the train. I have decided that Jason Kane is my favorite character.

The walk to the hotel is uphill and maybe a mile. Either I'm in better shape than I was last year, or I packed lighter, because it seemed easier.

Checked in. Got my badge. Remembered to bring a lanyard to put it on - the teen department got these wonderful ones last Banned Books Week that say "I'm With the Banned".

I've been to three panels so far, one about magical schools, one about when/what to handwave in fiction (where I realized I was sitting behind skogkatt about halfway through) and much later on the Trivia Quiz, where I killed on the kids' book trivia. In between the second and last panels, I did some grazing in the con suite (they have a lovely spread with lots of fresh fruit and bread), noticed they were having a zombie themed party (the jello brain and organs were a nice touch), wandered up to my room to finish the book I was reading.

I've got three books on hold at Larry Smith's (all hardcovers, which I never do), and I'll probably buy a new pair of earrings from Elise Mattheson, but that may be it. I'm doing three cons in the next six or seven weeks and I'm waiting on my tax refund. Once I get it, none of this will be a problem, but this first con will be a bit of a stretch.

And now I should go down and have a proper breakfast. At least habitually waking early, even on weekends is useful for something.
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