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Web design software recommendations needed

I've just got the go ahead to start looking at new software so that we can redesign our website to launch when our new building opens.

I'm not the person currently managing the website, but the software we have (Adobe GoLive) is horrible and slow. I'd want something flexible and I'd like the ability to edit things manually (I know basic html and css and that's it, but I tend to pick up these things as I work with them). I'd like to be able to view in page code mode and wysiwig.

I'm not sure what our budget is - the director, who will be approving it doesn't know too much about tech, so I can probably get away with up to $300-$400, if it's the best thing out there. But if there's something out there that's spectacular that's free or $50, I'd love to hear about it.

If anyone is curious, the current website is here. No stalking! ;). I'll be keeping the color scheme and the banner, finding a more elegant way to deal with the menus, and rearranging everything so that you don't constantly have to scroll down several pages to get to the bottom. I also want to integrate the Children's and YA pages a bit more and add blog and tagging functions.
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