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The long promised update-y post

Welcome to my tl;dr catch-up post. Please note that these sections are in no particular order beyond when I remembered to put them in.

And a special welcome to new friends made during Yuletide. I'm afraid this is typical of my posting style - long gaps and long, rambling catch up posts. Try not to flee in horror.

The trip itself wasn't bad, though I had issues in the Denver airport. I don't seem to deal with high altitudes very well, so I didn't do well lugging my backpack around the Denver airport.

Arrival would have worked as planned except that my parents and I ended up in different terminals. We finally caught up with each other at the car rental place.

The weekend ended up being more relaxing than I expected. Friday, we spent some time with my brother and the lovely juliejscott, had a great meal, watched The End of Time part 2 as a family, and I finally got to meet my other doggie nephew, Logan. I'd met Jeeves when he came out to vist, two Thanksgivings ago.

Sunday, we met up with them for a wonderful brunch and then separated. They went off to order a cake, and we walked around Old Sacramento for a bit before heading back to their house and met Julie's family over Thai food. I'm not a big fan of Thai (or crowds) but the food was yummy and I hid behind my knitting and let everyone else talk.

Monday, they planned to spend with Julie's family, so we ended up walking to a used bookstore a mile away, where I broke down and bought all of the New Series novels that they had (it worked out to 1 Nine/Rose, 1 Ten/Rose, 2 Ten/Martha and 3 Ten/Donna novels). I'd managed to read all but one of the books I brought with me on the planes, so I figured that these would be perfect light reading (and I couldn't find anything else I hadn't read or wanted to read). We had lunch in Old Sacramento and then went back to the room to get ready for the wedding.

As weddings go, I found it incredibly sensible. We met up at the Clerk's office, where they signed the papers and then we were all led to this little room with a cutesy wedding arch already set up. The clerk came in and read this prepared statement and they exchanged vows. I think the ceremony went a little bit longer than they had hoped. Afterwards there was negotiation about how many photos would be taken.

We all headed back to their house for cake and doggie admiring. I finished the sweater I was knitting for Jeeves (and I've got pictures to come). Later we went to dinner at Biba's where I had the best cheese ravioli ever. I'd walked over with my parents, my brother and Julie, but my parents got a ride back, so I got to spend some time with my brother and Julie, and I think I've convinced them to come out at some point, since they still haven't met Peppermint and Wintergreen.

Monday, we packed and headed for the airport. I checked my backpack - my brother had given me some bulky gifts (bunny toys and some cute Princess and the Frog stuff), I'd bought books and I didn't really relish carrying it around the Denver airport again. Once again, it went smoothly as flights go and I had just enough time for a meal in the Denver airport between my flights. I got home late and had the joy of convincing my bunnies that it was time to go back in their hutch for the night before falling into bed myself.

I then worked ten days straight, before I had another day off (yesterday).

Yuletide Reveal
A bit belated, but when it happened, I was frantically trying to get ready for my trip.

I received a wonderful Wizards and Warriors story from Danii - On the First Date about Ariel and Geoffrey's first date.

I wrote eight stories.

My main story was Skullcrusher Mountain for Lys, also a Wizards and Warriors story which was great fun to write.

I wrote two pinch hits:
Trixie Belden and the Mystery of the Falling Star, a Trixie Belden/Doctor Who crossover story for castrovalva9
Trixie Belden and the Mysterious Art Exhibit Caper, a Trixie Belden/White Collar crossover story for Aspen.

Trixie Belden is the first fandom I ever wrote fanfic in, even if none of it made it on to paper, so these were partially inspired by some of my fanon and made me realize that I might want to write more in the fandom. Technically, they should be read in the order above, but both are stand alone adventures and hopefully they'll work if you don't know the fandoms.

I also wrote five treats:

In Pompeium for Sineala. This was simply a recap of the Doctor Who episode The Fires of Pompeii in the style of The Cambridge Latin Course. Very short, but fun to write, and I'm just surprised no one else thought to do something like that. :)

For Your Entertainment for whetherwoman because I'd promised to write her a Betsy-Tacy story. This turned into a bit of an in-joke, as I stole first names shamelessly from some of the Yulechat regulars, and threw in an Adam Lambert reference (but more on Adam Lambert later).

The Pigeon Writes for Yuletide and Makes a New Friend for fox1013. I knew I was going to write a Pigeon story the moment fox1013 posted the prompt, and this practically wrote itself. ♥ the Pigeon.

Real Vampires Don't Sparkle for astolat. I'd tried to write a Dracula: the Series story as a treat last year, and it turned out to be the beginning of a story I didn't have time to finish (I should dig it up and finish it), but this was inspired by her request for a crossover, a recent rewatch of Moonlight, a reawakened love of LJ Smith, and Adam Lambert appearing in her prompt.

Who Let Them in Here? was a Press Gang story I wrote for paranoidangel42 when we were told that the archive opening would be delayed. In retrospect, the rushed nature of the writing shows, but she liked it, which is the important part.

This was a really good Yuletide for me. I got a wonderful story, I got to write stories in fandoms that I loved, and I got many more comments than I expected (which I need to respond to).

A big thank you to my betas - paranoidangel42, mjules and idella.

I'm not going to do recs this year. But have my AO3 bookmarks of the things I liked best this year. :)

I'm starting to think about Boskone and Gallifrey.

It looks like I'll be alone in my room for Boskone. Not a horrible thing if I'm in the con hotel. I'll probably only go back there to drop off stuff and to sleep. I need to see about a room reservation and train tickets this weekend.

Gallifrey is all set except for the hotel. I found a pattern for a vest like this (thank you Sarah Jane Wardrobe Appreciation Society for pictures from all angles - it makes costume planning easier) and was delighted to discover that it also contained a pattern for a shirt similar to the blue one she's wearing. I need to get fabric and start sewing. I'll probably plan to start this two weeks from today, since I work next weekend. It looks like the shirt is a knit, but I might make it in a muslin or slightly heavier woven fabric. She seems to alternate, and knits are notoriously hard to work with. I'm not sure I trust my sewing skills for that. I also need to finish biichan's Dalek and consider luggage and Sarah-ish boots.

I blame #yuletide for this. mjules has addicted everyone to Adam Lambert. snowishness has reawakened my love of filk (to the point where I am contemplating going back to Ohio for OVFF), and to whomever suggested The Wizards of Waverly Place when I was looking for a good kids show to feed my addiction, which led to me discovering Selena Gomez.

I have bought my first mainstream CDs in several years - Adam Lambert's For Your Entertainment and Selena Gomez's Kiss and Tell and I've been listening to them turnabout in the car and they are both making me very happy.

Just a reminder that I'm offering Two fanmixes with artwork in the help_haiti auction. They don't seem to be as popular as the Dalek stuff I offered last year, but I'm not allowed to commit to more knitting until I finish some of what is currently on my needles.

And part of the problem is that I joined a mystery shawl knitalong. This has prevented me from signing up for sock wars (though I might join the next round). This is being run by a designer who I first discovered at Rhinebeck last fall, and the thought of finishing a shawl in 8 weeks or so appealed to me. I'm using the silk/camel laceweight yarn that I bought at Rhinebeck and aside from having to adapt to a non-standard notation, it's been going well so far. Aside from the doggie sweater and the gifts for our work gift exchange, I haven't finished much recently, so it will be good to finish this shawl (hopefully in time for Gallifrey).

The bunnies are still cute, although Peppermint managed to break one of their bowls during a rampage in their hutch a day or two after I returned.

I think I pulled a muscle in my back on the trip to California. I've been trying various home remedies, but if it isn't better by Thursday, I'll run over to my doctor and see what they say.

I decided to make instant pudding last night. You'd think this was a no-brainer, but while I was putting one of the lids on the single serving cups I use for convenience, it slipped knocking another one off the counter. Pudding everywhere (me, cabinets, refrigerator, floor, wall, ceiling!). Thankfully most of the cups were untouched, but it was not fun to clean up.

Either today or tomorrow, I'll be posting an update of what I've read in the last 6 months (I really shouldn't leave it that long) and a photo post of various things including bunnies, my brother's dogs (yes, I took more pictures of the animals than of the people while I was in California), the frozen harbor and the library building progress.
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