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Sorry, I've been being a hippo in #yuletide. The yelling comes naturally. Also cheerleading. And dancing.

My fic is done but not uploaded. I have a few minor fixes to make but....

I picked up a pinch hit yesterday. It's...well, it's the fandom I first wrote fanfic in, before I knew what fanfic was. Thankfully I never wrote any of it down except for one or two pieces hidden on the web. This would have been when I was 10 or 11. I crossed it over with everything else I read or saw. I didn't offer it for yuletide this year because I've internalized it so much that I could only write certain prompts, but this prompt was just perfect, so I jumped.

Now if it would only stop fighting me. It wants to be two different things at once and I've got so many stories in my head about this fandom, that I find myself trying to cram too much in. *glares at fic* I clearly need to start writing stuff in this fandom more regularly. Maybe get the epic fanfic out of my head and onto the page.

PS If you finish your fic and need a beta, come into chat and find a hippo. We're friendly, if destructive. Server is irc.sff.net room is #yuletide. If you can't get in, you can try PMing me and I'll try to find a beta for you, but as we get closer, I can't guarantee that connections will be made in time.

*goes back to staring at fic*
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