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I have cast on for the shawl. I also broke down and cast on for the Doctor Who scarf, though I wasn't supposed to start until Sunday. I'm going away for the weekend and I didn't want to have to think about that during the trip.

The kidsilk haze is much easier to manage than I feared, and I've completed one repeat of the edging pattern.

I stole the edging from the triangular shawl from The Gossamer Web Design collection. I still haven't figured out what I'll do for the center, though I'm thinking of adapting the center patters of that shawl to a long rectangular shawl/stole.

In this style of knitting you knit one edge, then knit the center and both sides of the edging at the same time. I'm having a little trouble showing the detail of the lace betweent he glare in my living room and the fuzzyness of the yarn.

One tooth in gossamer/orenburg lace is 16 rows:

I have never done a garter stitch anything. My style of knitting is complicated stitches on small needles. No I take it back. I made a moebius scarf in garter stitch.

So not the most exciting project ever, but I think the colours will add some variety. Stop me if I start musing on adding lace or cables.

The scarf, four rows in:

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