Evil Plotbunny (hhertzof) wrote,
Evil Plotbunny

The joys of summer

Summer at the library has begun.

I just cataloged 25 copies of Murder on the Orient Express for the high school students' summer reading lists.

Yesterday, we did a scavenger hunt in town. Halfway through the skies opened up and we were drenched. Thankfully the one child who was afraid of the thunder had his mother with him.

We've got 218 kids signed up and it hasn't been a full week yet.

I've lost count of how many times I had to tell the kids at the internet computers to stop yelling so we could hear.

All I can think of is YAY, the local day camps start next week. :D

If anyone is curious about our summer reading program, which has grown organically and has some interesting twists, comment here and I'll do a post about it.

Off to clean off the reference desk so I can go home.
Tags: library geekery, srp

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