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Rhinebeck Sheep and Wool Festival/Sapphire and Steel audios

The festival was not a good fit for me. Apologies for the length, but I do have spoilers for the last Sapphire and Steel audio and I wanted to make sure people could read the post without being spoiled.

The drive up was pleasant enough. We're starting to get autumn colors, and it's a very scenic drive. Plus I had Sapphire and Steel - Zero to listen to. The people directing the parking were doing a very good job of keeping people moving, and I was in a relatively good mood as I started towards the gate despite PMS, the cold and not sleeping well the last few days.

Then I hit the crowds. The yarn selection was amazing. Fighting through the crowds, not so much. I've also realised I've got very picky about yarn. I like sock weight and laceweight projects, and I'm tired of all of the multicolored yarns. The festival was heavy on multicolored yarns, roving and spinning equiptment.

The few bunnies I saw were either huddled together shivering in the cold (enclosed building with open doors at each end forming a windtunnel effect) or in very tiny cages, both of which I found very disturbing but was too shy to say anything about. I hope, if they were for sale, they went to happy homes with lots of space to hop about in.

At lunch time, I wandered over to find the Ravelry meetup, which also involved a crowd of people and seemed to lack order. Apparently there was someone handing out buttons, but I didn't see them and since I wasn't planning to meet up with anyone specific, I just circled it warily and went back to the exhibits.

Finally I found something I wanted to buy. Galina Alexandrovna Khmeleva from Skaska Designs had a stall with lovely laceweight solid coloured yarns. She's the designer of the shawl pattern I'm currently knitting. I started off with a skein of pure silk, but she caught me (despite the busyness of the stall) and pointed out that that was for plying rather than knitting alone. After consideration, I decided that it would be too much work, and instead bought a skein of off-white silk/angora rabbit blend, a skein of camel-coloured silk/camel blend (and I'd blame crowdedhour for that, but I fell in love with the colour and feel), and a skein of cranberry silk/cashmere blend. This used up most of what I'd planned to spend at the festival (money from my parents for a birthday present), but each skein is enough for a large square or round shawl, so that's three years or more of shawl knitting.

Feeling a little better, I got on the chicken pot pie line, figuring that I'd seen most of what I wanted to see. An hour and a half later (and a little knitting, but my shawl has got too heavy to knit while standing), I had a pie which was very good, but not perhaps worth the wait. Still the time spent online people watching, put me in a better mood, so I investigated the historical exhibits (a standing instellation on the Dutchess County fairgrounds) and one building that I'd missed.

After that, I decided I'd had enough and headed home. I'd planned to listen to the new DW audio, but my mp3 player doesn't pick up on the way Big Finish identifies CD 1 and CD 2 and manually selecting them would have been a pain, so I listend to the last Sapphire and Steel audio instead, which turned out to be a mistake. I'm going to cut this for spoilers. I don't listen to Sapphire and Steel at night on trips, but I'd left early enough that I would get home before dark. I knew going in that it ended with them trapped again, but I'd been through that before and I adored The Mystery of the Missing Hour, so that was alright. The problem wasn't in the ending though, but that it started out as a post-apocolyptic story (which always give me bad dreams), and then twisted into a 9-11 story. I was all set to put it into the pile of things I will never listen to again, but but I thought it was well done and I loved the ending, so we'll see. Still, it left me incredibly shaky, which was when I realised PMS was involved.

So not a great day. I think Rhinebeck might be fun with a small group of friends (or if the people I know on Ravelry had been there). I know selenay936 was thinking about coming down for it next year, so I might do it again after all. But I'm not really the sort of knitter who goes into raptures about tons of yarn. I haven't used up the yarn I've already bought. Aside for my time in the Skaska booth, I found the scenery and the aformentioned historical exhibits were the best part of my day.

The good thing is that it encouraged me to start one of the projects I'd had backlogged. I don't plan on knitting much on the Palette Fair Isle Cardigan but the sticking point has been casting on, and I've done that now. First I need to finish my shawl, testing sadbhyl's socks pattern, and biichan's Dalek (I feel guilty about that. All it needs is stuffing and a bottom.)
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