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If it's October it must be Yuletide

For those of you who have never played, Yuletide is a rare fandoms fic exchange. They're currently taking nominations for fandoms to include, signups will be soon and the stories are due 20th December, with the archives opening 25th December. It is much fun and you should all participate. :) (There is also yuletide and yuletide_admin for more information.

After much consideration, I have cut myself down to six fandoms that almost no one will know. I live in hope, though.

Read All About It
Wizards and Warriors
Counterstrike (US tv)
Janet Lambert - Parrish/Jordan series
Virginia Coffman - Lucifer Cove series
Kay Hooper - Hagen Strikes Again series

We shall see.

So what have you decided you want for Yuletide?
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