Evil Plotbunny (hhertzof) wrote,
Evil Plotbunny

I an exhausted idiot!

So I spent the weekend at Book Expo (post to come on that). Got up at 6:15am each morning Friday through Sunday (after a full week of work) to get into the city and spent the days walking through the exhibit halls.

Monday, I had to come into work early for school visits all day, but was able to leave early.
Wednesday, more school visits but I wasn't able to leave early.

Today other people were out at school visits and I was alone in the library with a brand new clerk. I ate a quick lunch in the back office so she wouldn't be alone, and didn't get a proper break until 3:30.

And now I've agreed to cover for another coworker for the weekend. Usually when we work Saturday, we get a day off during the week. Not only can I not take off tomorrow because of school visits, I've got school visits next week Monday, Wednesday and Friday, a function on Tuesday, and I need to be in the library to cover other school visits on Thurday.

It wouldn't be so bad if these were normal weeks, but school visits are incredibly draining.

And I always do this. If someone is unable to work, I'm the first to volunteer. I should know better by now. So all my fault, but still....

Hugs are greatly appreciated. Plus understanding if I devolve into a nervous wreck next week.

Tags: idiocy, work

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