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Bunnies and Knitting

Because I had to.

This is by way of being inspiration to finish the darned things.

Warning: lots of pretty pictures beneath the cuts.

For a coworker who just had twins and who is a big chess player. They're small because I rejigged my plan for one blanket into two, but they're still big enough for baby. I got the chart here.

A basketweave scarf. I need to add about a foot, since I like my scarves long.

A triangle scarf. I'm about halfway on this one. I don't remember where I got the pattern, but this is the second one I've done.

Butterfly bows socks from Socks, Socks, Socks, resized for an adult. I'm slowly working my way down the leg.

Tipsy Knitter socks from the same book. I added stripes with a multicolored yarn, thinking I only had a small ball. When I got out these project, I discovered I had two skeins left. I really like this pattern.

A free pattern from the Lion Brand site. Kitchen Cotton Openwork Tunic Top. Except I'm not doing it in Kitchen Cotton. I'm mostly done with the torso. The purple yarn isn't part of it, it got tangled in.

A downloadable pattern from the Lion Brand site ($2.50). Knitted Mix-it-up Sweater I'm almost done with this one. I need to weave in the ends, sew up the sides and knit the pocket.

A free pattern from the Lion Brand site. Hooded Knitted Sweater I've barely started on this one. Mostly because I discovered that Homespun is annoying to work with.

This is Marble.

He likes to stare into the camera.


Are you in or out?

Chewing on the hammock.

Sometimes he visits me at work.

Here he is helping at reference.

Making a flower at the craft table.

Investigating the train table.

Making himself at home.

One Thanksgiving he met my brother's cat.

Is he dead or just sleeping?

And one of these days he might take up knitting.
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