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Title: Inconceivable
Rating: G
Spoilers: School Reunion and your favourite Post-School Reunion fic (unless it has no smut in it)
Description: Actions have consequences, sometimes.
A/N: I apologize for the horrible pun. I will not expand this. I will not expand this. I have a half dozen unfinished fics to work on. I will not expand this!

It wasn't fair.

One night with him. This wasn't part of the plan.

Sarah Jane had thought the nausea was a virus and had tested K-9 by giving him a blood sample. She wasn't expecting this.

"K-9, are you sure?"

"Affirmative, mistress, you are pregnant."

She'd never wanted children; her independence was too valuable.

Unplanned pregnancy was for teenagers, not women on the wrong side of 50. Starting menopause had given her a false sense of security and she'd assumed genetic incompatibility.

The Doctor's baby. Just when she'd decided to move on with her life. So much for that idea.
Tags: fic, sarah/doctor, unexpected

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