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Doctor Who Memage

Doctor Who meme


1. Attack of the Cybermen - All I remember was tunnels. Or something. Obviously not memorable.

2. The Underwater Menace - A bad reconstruction might be to blame for this one, but it just didn't work for me.

3. Carnival of Monsters - Okay, it was my first Jo story, but I found it a bit incoherent and Jo a little too screamy for my tastes. She did redeem herself in most of her other stories.

4. Warriors of the Deep - Another one I found incoherent and boring, despite Turlough.

5. The Movie: Too much running around like an idiot. Americanizing Doctor Who was a disaster and I hope they learned their lesson.


1. Invasion of the Dinosaurs - Despite the fake dinosaurs, you've got a fun story and Sarah being kickass.

2. Mawdryn Undead - The Brigadier teaching at a school and Turlough trying to kill the Doctor with a rock. What's not to like?

3. The Deadly Assassin - He really should have brought Sarah along with him, but I liked seeing Gallifreyan society and culture.

4. Marco Polo - Despite being a reconstruction, I really enjoyed this story. My favourite so far of the First Doctor stories I've seen.

5. The Green Death - I liked Cliff and the giant maggots. My favourite of Jo's stories.


1. Peri - I've just never seen the point.

2. Leela - She just grates. Although the audios have gone a long way towards reconciling me to her mannerisms.

3. Susan - I want to like her, but I just find her annoying.

4. Rose - I liked her at first, then they destroyed her.

5. Tegan - No one needs to be that loud.


1. Sarah - Older over younger, but she was still strong and independant in her original stories.

2. Liz - I wish she'd had more time. She doesn't stand for any nonsense from either the Doctor or the Brigadier.

3. Romana (both) - I liked watching the Doctor play off against an equal.

4. Martha - I know she's only been in two episodes, but she seems sensible and level headed, which is a nice change from the disaster which was Rose.

5. Evelyn - Sharp and not quite the usual type of companion.


1. Adam - Really...do I need a reason.

2. Adric - I tried to like him. I mean, I liked Wesley Crusher, so you'd think he'd have a chance with me, but I just found him boring.

3. Jamie - Kilt aside, I don't see much there to be interested in.

4. Mickey - He had his moments, but not enough of them.

5. Benton - I'm sorry, but I don't get the Benton love, except when he gets turned into a baby.


1. Turlough - Attempting to kill the Doctor with a rock ftw. And I'm enjoying his backstory.

2. Jack - He was much better in DW than TW, but his flirting with the Doctor won me over.

3. The Brigadier - Do I need a reason? He's the Brig, and he's delightful, no matter which Doctor he's playing off of.

4. Ian - Smart and competant.

The rest I'm either neutral about, or I haven't seen enough episodes.


1. The Rani - I'd blame RelativeSpace and Catherine, but the truth of the matter is that I loved both her stories.

2. The Master - The perfect panto villain.

3. Borusa - When good Time Lords go bad, next on Sick, Sad World.

Can't think of any more...


1. Three - I'm a sucker for velvet, ruffles and fast cars.

2. Five - My Doctor, as much as I ever had a Doctor.

3. Ten - Mostly for being fun to write.

4. Nine - I destroyed my planet angst. And the leather jacket. And the ears.

5. Seven - I like devious and manipulative and I'm hoping we see more of that with Ten

Mostly in order of preference, though there were some ties I broke randomly.
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