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I work in a library in the US. A few months ago, I established that my distributor could get the Doctor Who: Short Trips anthologies, and once I had ordered one or two to be certain they weren't suddenly going to tell me they were unavailable, I ordered whatever they had.

Then our budget and our orders were placed on hold, in order to make sure it would last until the end of the budget year in June.

I just received the first box of books since the hold was lifted.

The contents:

  • 1 craft book
  • 3 books in Spanish
  • How to Survive a Robot Uprising
  • 5 Short Trips Anthologies
    • A Day in the Life
    • Monsters
    • A Universe of Terrors
    • Zodiac
    • Past Tense

I think I know what I'm doing this weekend. :)
Tags: bookety books, doctor who in the us, library geekery, reading

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