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A Miscellany: or the first of many posts about nothing in particular

Highlights of this weekend so far...

I gave my bunnysitters the wrong key to my apartment and had to leave Boskone early.

I couldn't find one of my 2gb sd cards.

My large keyboard for my Treo decided it would only work if I held the Treo at an odd angle.

I managed to knock my garage door opener out of the car when I stopped to get gas on the way home and didn't discover it until several miles on.

And I forgot to post the latest chapter of my story before I left.

Having got that off my chest, it was a decent weekend in other respects. I bought a few books I was looking for, attended most of the panels I wanted to see, finished knitting the first of two baby blankets for a coworker who's having twins and started the second, and sorted out some of the kinks with chatting on my Treo.

Today I've been recording 45s to CDs so that I can add them to my mp3 stash and wondering about some of my past musical tastes, doing some stuff in relativespace (including thinking about a new icon for Sarah/Laura), and starting to think about my story for remix_redux. I'm really happy about my assignment, since it's a person whose fics I've read before and liked,a nd we've got several fandoms in common.

Tomorrow, I'm going to dig up the drabbles I posted in the who_otp drabble tag threads and post the ones I haven't already posted. Probably as two or three long posts with cut tags. And hopefully finish the Sarah/Laura fanmix for relativespace and work on chapter 23.
Tags: bookety books, fanfic, knitwittery, life is like that, music of the bun, remix, rs

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